I’m a life-long learner and technical dork.

Hi, my name is John. I’m a technical documentation leader, Oracle Apex developer, and technology lover. This site is to share my knowledge on topics covering leadership, Apex development, work ethic, games, and more.


Apex apps





I have several personal projects for which this site is used to record and share.


I started using ChatGPT in February 2023. Since then, I’ve created several custom GPTs, learned text to voice capabilities, and the integration with 3rd party applications.


Photography is my go-to hobby and I love it. I enjoy the entire process of taking photos, reviewing them, and enhancing the photos in Photoshop.

Home Automation

I’m using Hubitat as my home automation hub, with Hue, Alexa, Arlo, and several motion detectors and open/closed sensors. I have several Z-Wave outlets and light switches to replace the current ones. My goal is to have every switch and outlet controlled.

Inspirational Quotes

I don’t know when I became so pationate about quotes, but I’ve been collecting them for decades and I am sharing them here.

My recent projects

Papanek White

Design / Development

Papanek is a stunning WordPress theme featuring a clean and minimalist design.

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